Redesigning Snuffle and Lumps

Here’s what Lumps looks like nowdays! I’m planning on redesigning Snuffle too in the near future.




Fall Fairy


Egghead finds a weird bird

A friend of mine just recently claimed I have a distinct style to my drawings. This is my attempt to prove him wrong…





Yes, I know willows don’t have thorns. It’s the girl who’s called Willow. I just liked the sound of it.


Afternoon tea


Stripy Nose Creature

I tend to draw nice little characters and not give a damn about the background, so this time I decided to start with the background. But quite frankly I still just wanted to skip to the character part. Maybe next time I’ll do better…


Not again, Hylky!

I got inspired by Tuuli’s new take on our beloved Cherry Pies and decided to try something different too!not_again_hylcy

Giant Love

This poor Giant Panda is in love with a tightrope walker and he’s desperate to express his feelings. Due to his enormous size he can go to extreme lengths like getting the moon from the sky…


I kept on thinking why the text behind the zombie just doesn’t look right, but it’s written the finnish way. I do apologize for my bad english, but I’m too lazy to change it now..

Pumpkin parade