Pharysol Wolf

I made this animation some time ago at Brink Helsinki. The client wanted a painterly look which made animating the character a bit challenging. Eventually I ended up combining After Effects puppeting with frame by frame animation.

Rosa & Rudolf

Last yearedesign the children’s mascots for Finnish ski resort Ruka. It was an awesome project and I had lots of fun with Rosa the Bear and Rudolf the Reindeer! r I got to

Ginny and Dee-Dee revisited

I’ve drawn The Cherry Pie girls many times, but it’s always equally exciting! These are my latest designs from last fall.deedee_and_canister ginny_and_lollipop

Under the mistletoe


Santa Claus

I made some character design for Santa Claus foundation quite a while ago. Here’s a few of them. This year we made a Christmas calendar featuring the old characters along with some new ones!


Redesigning Snuffle and Lumps

Here’s what Lumps looks like nowdays! I’m planning on redesigning Snuffle too in the near future.




Fall Fairy


Afternoon tea


Stripy Nose Creature

I tend to draw nice little characters and not give a damn about the background, so this time I decided to start with the background. But quite frankly I still just wanted to skip to the character part. Maybe next time I’ll do better…


Not again, Hylky!

I got inspired by Tuuli’s new take on our beloved Cherry Pies and decided to try something different too!not_again_hylcy