Giant Love

This poor Giant Panda is in love with a tightrope walker and he’s desperate to express his feelings. Due to his enormous size he can go to extreme lengths like getting the moon from the sky…


I kept on thinking why the text behind the zombie just doesn’t look right, but it’s written the finnish way. I do apologize for my bad english, but I’m too lazy to change it now..

Pumpkin parade


Madam Pastille and her staff

Madam Pastille owns a nice little cafeteria where she’s employed the cheapest staff she could find. Two lazy ass interns and a fat naked cheff, I mean baker…



Experimenting something new

I’ve never tried this kind of style before in my art and it was super fun! I can totally understand now how people end up polishing their work for hours. I did however decide to leave it a bit rough this time to keep the hand made feeling in her hair.

Boozy Suzy

Bendy Wendy